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Madrid Nightlife
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About Us

MADRID NIGHTLIFE is the ideal company for any event, both private and professional. Due to our great venue locations and arrangements, we can host any event you propose: Office, Birthday, Stag or Hen Party. Our professional Madrid Nightlife Guides will organise everything for you.

We are professionals with 30 years experience in the Hotel, Catering & Tourism industry with special interest in the Leisure Sector and in particular, Madrid’s nightlife. We have been resident in Spain since 1985 and nightclub promoters since 1987. University post-graduates with degrees in Law, Management and Business administration. We are the original MADRID NIGHTLIFE Guides.

If you're celebrating any special occasion in Madrid we'll do everything for you!

Transport & Travel Services:

Food, Drink & Accommodation Services:

Contact us for more info in Spain: +34681135873 or from the UK: 07759854251

Madrid Nightlife is owned by EMEDIAS | Operated by Madrid Nightlife Limited | Trading as MADRID NIGHTLIFE ℠ | Registered Company Number: 09809592 | Member of SPAIN NIGHTLIFE | Sponsored by BULL CONTROL

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