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Madrid Nightlife
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Sala Marco Aldany, Madrid

Sala Marco Aldany

Venue Details

Calle de la Princesa, 1, 28008, Madrid
Nearest Metro:
L3 Plaza de España L10 Plaza de España
+34 68 113 5873
Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sunday 00:00-06:00

The Sala 'Marco Aldany' is a concert venue in the evenings that becomes a great nightclub after midnight.

Here you will meet typical young locals in an atypical atmosphere. This is the ultimate techno club with classic techno, minimal and electro music playing on the main floor with local and international Djs [no bullshit, drama, rancid cheese or degenerate pimps].

Adamant to be at the level with other top European nightclubs, they celebrate pure and elegant chaos. The top floor is even more diverse. Only a few stairs up and you find another, totally different and independent nightclub playing unusual music, catering for all tastes, from indie-pop to dark electronic sounds to pure all-time guitar leaving no room for boredom.

Bouncers only let in normal people: students, preppy, alternative, gay... but refuse entry to hard-core clubbers with shaved heads or dreadlocks, no sovereign gold rings nor medallions. Dress code is simply "normal" so any alternative, varied clothing is suitable. Clubbers must be over 18.

No more wandering around Madrid city centre at night looking for somewhere totally different. This nightclub is full of pleasant surprises that will make the end of your night the saddest moment of the week.

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